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Aurelio is an honest hard working family man. He cares about Torrance and will bring many years of business experience to the Council. — Milton Herring - Torrance City Council Member

— Frank Scotto - Former Mayor City of Torrance

— Tom Brewer - Former Torrance City Councilman

— Rod Guyton - Former Torrance City Councilman

— Mike Mauno - Former Torrance City Councilman

— Betty Lin Peterson - Mayor of Palos Verdes Estates

Thank you for all your efforts to make Torrance a better city. You will be an excellent Council Member! — Suzanne Fuentes - Mayor of El Segundo California

— Tasha Cerda - Mayor of Gardena California

— Alex Vargas - Mayor of Hawthorne California

— John Cruikshank - Rancho Palos Verdes City Council

— Steve Napolitano - City of Manhattan Beach Council Member, former Deputy Los Angeles County Supervisor District 4

I am happy to endorse Aurelio for Torrance City Council. He cares strongly about the city and in the time I have know him has shown to be a good upstanding person who I know will serve the city well. Please join me in supporting him in his bid for Council & a Cleaner Torrance. Dan Reid Mayor Pro Tem, Lawndale — Dan Reid - City of Lawdale Mayor Pro Tem

— Jack Guerrero - City of Cudahy Council Member

— David Hadley - Former State Assembly Member CA 66th

— Steve Aspel - Former Redondo Beach Mayor

— Mike Gin - Former Mayor of Redondo Beach

Aurelio Mattucci possesses an impressive history of community service and the support of government leaders throughout the region including many Mayors and former Mayors. I strongly believe in his political philosophy that begins with ensuring public safety, supporting local Small Businesses, ensuring a cleaner and safer City of Torrance, espousing Family Values and enhancing community services for our children and seniors. I am proud to endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council. — Richard Marcus - Former Mayor of Culver City

Lets knock on some doors together; looking forward to you getting elected...thx for being such a good neighbor, Torrance :) — Jeff Ginsburg - Former City of Redondo Beach Council Member

— Martha Barbee - Redondo Beach City Council Member

— Rick Marshall - City of Torrance Planning Commissioner

Aurelio since cares deeply about improving our city and demonstrates great energy and leadership. I support and endorse him for Torrance City Council 2018. Mark Tsuneishi Business Owner Torrance Traffic Commissioner — Mark Tsuneishi - Business Owner Torrance Traffic Commissioner

— Cindy Scotto - Torrance Social Services Commissioner

— Doug Rodriguez - Planning Commissioner City of Redondo Beach

— Sergio Mortara - Hawthorne School Board Member

— USBA - Unified Small Business Alliance

— Kenneth Wright - CA 33rd Congressional Candidate

Aurelio Mattucci, now lets talk about a man who has not only connected hundreds of small and medium size businesses through the(USBA) Unified Small Business Alliance, a networking group for like minded people, he also is a business owner. Aurelio also has a wealth of knowledge on political issues on city and state levels. Action Republicans, a soon to be political power house, is another one of Aurelio's calls to Action, helping south-bays Republicans unite for a single cause. This is a hands on type of guy,he will literally clean up this town.Is he loud? yes, does he ruffle feathers? yes, will he be a positive force and do something good for Torrance and its residence? yes, But he is not nor will he ever become a YES MAN!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for being you. — Gilbert Watson - Former President of Lomita Chamber of Commerce

— Ken Hartley - 3 term chairman of the board, Hermosa Beach chamber of commerce Former hermosa beach emergency preparedness commissioner Small business

— Susan Williams

— Scott and Laura Bargar

— Melissa Meeker

— Vivien McNicoll

— Victoria Clark

I met Aurelio Mattucci in his office and was impressed by the quality of person he is and an obvious leader. I wish you the success in this upcoming election to make Torrance and thereby the South Bay a better place to live, in spite of the State government. Jean Wiltfong — Jean Wiltfong

— Carol Meschter


— Alberta Ellis

I have seen Aurelio encourage United Small Business Alliance members, small business growth, take time for people and for a cleaner Torrance. I hope Torrance will choose him to move them forward! Tejashree Chawla — Tejashree Chawla

— Karen Driskill

— Kaushik Singh

— Dennis Paustian

— Tina Blakeman

Aurelio Mattucci is dedicated to helping the city of Torrance grow and improve. Aurelio is a difference maker, and I highly recommend him for Torrance City Council. — Bradley Lyon - Small Business Owner

— Ennio Schiappa

Arthur J Plourde To Anyone reading this endorsement! Aureilio Mattuci, is a man of principle, character, dedication, and commitment to all the residents of the community of Torrance. I have known him now 3 yrs and I know his dedication and commitment to his community is one of the strongest I have seen and experienced here in Torrance in a very long time. Aurelio, wants a better city than we now observe, and he wants a clean city that will say to visitors this city cares and keeps caring. Also, Aurelio being a business man himself knows just how critical this city has become in every action initiated and businesses are impacted greatly by what goes on in the city government. Many times business is forgotten when decisions are made. This city of Torrance has been terribly managed for a long time, just look around and you can see the detriment and deterioration that is prevalent all over the city. Aurelio wants to clean up, fix up, and make Torrance a proud place a shining example of good city management, along with conscientious spending to help the home owners save $$$ on their property taxes. It is time for fresh new faces not tired old faces who have had their chance at managing this city. So I urge all who are reading this to VOTE for a new Torrance, by electing Aurelio Mattucci to the City Council seat he is seeking to serve "We The People" in! — Arthur J Plourde III

— J.W. Webber

— Steven Villa

— Graham Hebson

— Miguel Ramos

— Richard Duvall

— Erin Keady

— Dan Delgadillo

— Faith Parker

— Mary Davis

— Dana Randazzo

— Randy Sinclair

— Melody and Kevin Kazan

— Troy Thomas

— Julia Young

— Paul Smit

— Beatrice Romero

— Ray Frew

— Patsy Okada Okada

— Deborah Stromwall

— Karen Davis

— David Tressel

— Arthur Schaper

— Emily Hays

— Jennifer Dobos

— Keith Ash

— Carmen Sokolis

— Randy Buskeness-Feltham

— Mary Elizabeth

— Susan Miller

— Larry Paul

I’ve been a proud Torrance citizen for years and have worked in the city since 2007. I take pride in my city and so does Aurelio Mattucci. I proudly endorse this man and look forward to seeing him help make this beauftul city even stronger and cleaner than before. — Randy Buskeness-Feltham

— Alejandra Lopez

— Melody and Kevin Kazan

— Armando Mendoza

— Blake Crenshaw

— Alejandra Lopez

— Brady Wheeler

— Erin Arguelles

— Rudi Lopez, M.A.

— Rodolfo De Biaggi

— Jeanneth Medina


— Spencer Childress

— Chad McMullen

— Irma Mercado

Without a doubt, Aurelio Mattucci is the most qualified person to run for a Torrance City Council in years. From community volunteering to business ownership, Aurelio has done it all and has built up the perfect experience to thrive in a City Councilman role. In all he does, from family to business, Aurelio exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. Aurelio will use keep using those qualities to create a better, cleaner, and safer Torrance. We need Aurelio. Aurelio needs you. Vote for him in the upcoming Torrance City Council elections this June! — Alessandro Bugliosi

Business owner in Torrance. Go get ‘em Paisano! — Kathleen Herrera

I, Nathan T. Esser, am an actor from Torrance, California. I see Torrance as a joyful community but the last few years it have seen crimes and small businesses at risk. I agree that Aurelio Mattucci will resolve the problems as Torrance City Council. — Nathan T. Esser

— Georgean Griswold

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci — Alejandra Smith


— Alex Daza

Lets make a positive change in Torrance that everyone will notice! — Dan Martin

— Kristen Acosta

You have my support and endorsement. Best of Luck on the campaign. David Hernandez Candidate for Lt. Governor of California 2018 — David Hernandez

— Robert Dowcett

— Marie Morgenstern

— Maureen Ruiz

— Raymond Rodriguez

— Bret Osterberg

— Todd Blair

I endorse Aurelio. He is an honest man and will be an asset to the Torrance City Council. I look forward to working with him should I get elected to Congress. — Frank DeMartini - U.S. Congressional CA 43rd District Candidate

— Altin Plasa

— Irma Chiota

With his finger on the pulse of the community - I believe Aurelio will do great things for the city that I went to high school in! As long as he keeps Torrance his first priority, we can't go wrong! Vote for improving the conditions in Torrance. Vote for my friend Aurelio Mattucci! — Denise Nunez-Stanczak

Mr Aurelio Mattucci is the perfect person to represent the people of Torrance. He works indefatigably at restoring the beauty of old Torrance. He is working for a cleaner and safer city. He would be an asset to Torrance's City Council. Let's give Aurelio the support he needs! I support him and you should too.Please get out and VOTE for AURELIO!!!! — Marla Yasutake - Trekkers Tropical Fish

What makes Aurelio unique is very simple: he is one of us! He is not cut off from reality and represents us as well as the issues we face in daily life. We don't need more politicians, we need more Aurelios to make Torrance (and the world) a better place. Good luck Aurelio. The small businesses, nonprofit organizations and people of Torrance need you. You have our trust and hence vote! — Nesli Akkol

— Sandy Sandoval - Community Organizer

— Gina Smith

As a founder of Saving San Pedro we get to meet a lot of people. Those who are willing to sacrifice themselves and aim for a better community truly stand out among all the complaining and bickering going on in the world today. Aurelio Mattucci is one of those individuals who's willing to roll his sleeves up to get the job done. I am pleased to be able to endorse him. He's exactly what Torrance needs and deserves — George Palaziol - Founder of Saving San Pedro

Christine Williams Trump Campaign Leader for Palos Verdes for Trump endorses Aurelio Mattucci. — Christine Williams

— Danielle Zuliani

I wholeheartedly endorse Aurelio Mattucci. He is vocal and clearly cares about this community. I feel a vote for him is a Vote for a better community. — Guy Puckett

It is my pleasure to endorse Mr. Aurelio Mattucci for the position of Torrance city council. I am proud to say that Mr. Mattucci is an honest and a hard working individual who sincerely is concern for the city of Torrance's future, not only wanting a cleaner Torrance but, also a safer one which means wonders to us as residents to keep our loved ones safe. Mr. Mattucci is also a Kiwanis member and participates in all good deeds of the Kiwanis organization. When he speaks we can all feel the kindness and sincerity in his heart. I am a proud supporter of Mr. Aurelio Mattucci. Sincerely, Liliana Trujillo — Liliana Trujillo

I would like to endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Counsel. He is an amazing family man and cares about his community! I think he is perfect for the job! — Barbara Twyman

— Trent Larson - Past Hermosa Beach City Council Candidate

It's a great pleasure to endorse Aurelio for his City Council campaign. Aurelio is the real deal, with common sense and a realistic approach to how government works for the people. We need six more people like Aurelio on our Torrance Council, who will listen to the citizens and actually care about the things that matter in our lives. — Mike Moran

After speaking with Aurelio several times, I can see that he legitimately cares for his community and wants to see it flourish. As a young voter, it was like a breath of fresh air. Finally, we have a politician who truly wants to bring a positive change in this world without a selfish desire. Aurlieo is not running to "prove a point", he is running because he is passionate about his city. If you are Millenial and live in Torrance, I would advise you to learn more about Aurelio and see what he plans to bring to the City of Torrance. Can't wait to Volunteer! The Top 3 reasons why I Endorse Aurelio as a Millenial Honest- Aurelio is not scared to speak his mind about local issues. Despite the criticisms he may face, he stands his ground and fights for his beliefs. Compassionate- While volunteering for Aurelio, I could see a glimmer in his eyes when we discussed his recent trash pick up event. He was proud to see his city cleaner and did so not for his benefit, but for the citizens of Torrance. Integrity- As stated prior, Aurelio stands his ground and fights for his beliefs. He will not "Flip Flop" like the average politicians of today. Simply put, he follows his inner values and will never steer away from them. — Bertran Usher - Small Business Owner

— Alex See

— Maureen Ruiz

Thank you for trying to make Torrance a better place! — Dayton Montoya

— Teresa Matsuyama - South Bay Resident

— Leslee Pitschke

— Linda Pike - Torrance Resident

I happily endorse Aurelio Mattucci, I have known him for a few years and he is one of the most honest people that I have ever met. He goes out of his way and does a lot of things for people without charge. The same way goes for his trying to clean up Torrance to make it look livable and not let it turn in to a ghetto with furniture and trash lying by the side of a road or alley. He has some great ideas for everyone in Torrance and I have supported him and endorsed him. He will make a great Torrance City Councilman. — Richard Beaver - Torrance Resident

I am proud to endorse my friend Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council. Aurelio is a person of integrity, honor and a spirit of a fearless warrior. He is a devoted family man. Aurelio has a passion for his community has worked countless hours cleaning this city. He is a tireless motivator, an outstanding friend. Aurelio has been a sound business man in real estate and a proven leader. He brings many years of experience in working with others to bring about solutions to problems. He possesses a vision for the economical improvements for Torrance and that of the small business community. Aurelio will make a great councilman for the city of Torrance. I urge you to join me and other community leaders to motivate others to vote Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance city Council. Zeke Vidaurri Radio Personality — Zeke Vidaurri

— Rick Plumley - Small Business Owner

Aurelio is a man of his word and I am proud to endorse him. His involvement in our community is a good example of his dedication to his mission. — Linda Benecke - Small Business Owner

— Pam Aspel

— Patricia Wisman - Torrance Resident and Small Business Owner

We need people on our city council that have business experience. Aurelio Mattucci has that business experience and won't sell us out to the special interests. He understands you can't constantly balance the city's budget by selling off assets like the $1.5 million land sale earlier this year. He will listen to "we the people" and not be the lackey of our mayor. — Claude Todoroff

I have known Aurelio for a few years, I have known him to be truthful, honest and has high integrity. I think he would be an excellent councilman. — Donald Trapp

Aurelio is the real deal- so sincere and just wants to help people. He's got my vote for sure! — Jack M.

— Thomas Wong - Small Business Owner

— John Ellis

Aurelio Mattucci will be an effective City Council Member. His entrepreneurial spirit will be an asset to the City of Torrance because he knows that a thriving business community will enhance the South Bay lifestyle. I believe that he will scrutinize the City budget and act fiscally responsible so that the residents of Torrance will benefit from more effective and efficient community services. — Edwin Duterte - South Bay Community Leader

It has been my pleasure to have known Aurelio and his family for many years. I've only endorsed 3 candidates my entire life, Aurelio being the 3rd. I love the fact that he comes from an amazing close family who live and are from the area and all have good work values who all support each other and always have done so. That to me speaks volumes about a person. He's always been outspoken about his political beliefs and I've never seen him flip flop on a particular issue, he speaks openly on social media and in public and always has about where he stands on the issues, even if his stance is unpopular he will stand by it. For years even before running for office he has been posting on social media the things that Torrance needs to improve up and the things that Torrance has done well. I really like the fact that if someone with a differing view point on an issue expresses themselves to Aurelio he's definitely not one of these far right or far left politicians who's not willing to actually sit down and at least try to understand where the person is coming from in their view point. He's actually willing to listen and take people ideas into consideration which is great. He has been successful at every aspect of his life so I think with some political power he could do some seriously amazing things to benefit the great city of Torrance. Good luck Aurelio , the City of Torrance is lucky to have you. Tony Trutanich jr Tony's on the Pier. — Tony Trutanich - Tony's on the Pier

Aurelio Mattucci is a man that is very passionate about helping people and businesses. He wants to help businesses grow and thrive. He is the founder of a great networking organization that's free for small business owners and has grown to over 2,400 members. USBA - Unified Small Business Alliance. Check out for upcoming events . It's a free networking organization that is fun and there's always lots of people there. His USBA GROUP helped me get more business for financial & real estate. It has helped local businesses get more clients. Aurelio's organization helps create more jobs in our own community. We need more jobs in America for business to thrive and be successful. That way people can have money to stimulate the economy and to help their own family. I couldn't think of a more honest and caring person to endorse for this position.  — Lisa Dimercurio - Businesswoman

I've known Aurelio for years and he's always shown a great commitment to the city of Torrance . He will be a great City Council Member ! — Francisco Bermejo

Aurelio Mattucci has proven to be a great leader 

— John and Laura Hernandez - Torrance

Torrance needs Aurelio. A clean City improves not only our image but also inspires pride in being a Torrance resident. — Gary Legaspi

— Michele Lehmann Brown - South Bay Real Estate Professional

I strongly support Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council. Aurelio is a principled and honorable person and will serve the people of Torrance with distinction. — Gary Aminoff

If there is one person that I can trust will do what it takes to ensure Torrance remains a safe city, that's Aurelio Mattucci 

— Hunter Gaspar - Retired California Law Enforcement Officer and Small Business Owner

When I think of Aurelio - I think Action! He is the first person that would actually get something done in this city. He sincerely cares about our city. A vote for Aurelio is a vote for Action! — Lauren Cotner - Torrance Resident & Business Person

Yes!!!! — Gina Cervi

Aurelio has a proven track record of engagement with the city of Torrance. He cares about his community and cares about action. That's why I am endorsing Aurelio. — Alejandro Santander

Aurelio has a contagious passion for making our community a better place. --Torrance Small Business Owner — Paul Klinger

Torrance needs Aurelio. A clean City improves not only our image but also inspired pride in being a Torrance resident. — Gary Legaspi

— Rhett Bise - Torrance Resident

The City of Torrance needs a Hero who Cares, will Make a Difference, and Walks the Talk. Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council. — Jessica Irani

— Ron Riggs - Torrance Resident & Small Business Owner

— Francisco Gonzalez - South Bay Resident

Jazmina Saavedra as a spoke person of Latinos For Trump and Spanish Christian coalition of Make California Great Again Icn. Support 100% Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council. — Jazmina Saavedra National Hispanic Relations Spokesperson

Although, I am not in Torrance, I will always support a gop-bro' with Italian heritage! — Ana Gallo

Aurelio represents the new ideas of Torrance. As a student I am proud to say I call him a friend and look up to his ideas and morals. — Ignacio Caceres

This is a man who cares about the community. — Mark Glover

I have know Aurelio Mattucci for quite some time. I find him to be well-informed, compassionate and aware of the issues that affect everyone in Torrance and the South Bay area on a daily basis. Mr. Aurelio Mattucci will make a great City Council-member. ~ Al Thompson III, Torrance, CA — Al Thompson III - Small Business Owner

You can't find a better person to be Torrance's Councilman! He is very active in his community, has done numerous clean up projects, runs a very successful Real Estate Office and really cares about what happens to people, their businesses and how to keep the community growing and thriving. His active and positive support to help small business is seen by his track record at facilitator of USBA club. there is only one way to vote in 2018 - Aurelio Mattucci! — Janet Trevino - Local Resident

— Bruno Perron - Small Business Owner

— Gabriela Fischer - Torrance Resident and local business owner

I would like to endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council. As a resident of Torrance, Aurelio is actively advocating for Torrance residents to ensure a safe, clean environment for families. I believe Aurelio would be a great addition to the Torrance City Council team. — Kristi Simonian - Torrance Resident

I am so excited to support a Torrance City Council candidate who will help us focus on the real concerns of our residents, bring more transparency to the city council and the processes, and who truly cares with a big heart about the future of Torrance. — Sandra & Bill Goetz

Aurelio is a person who cares as much and probably more than ANYONE in Torrance. He will make a great addition to the leadership team. — Michael Mitchell

One of the most devoted and generous individuals I know. He has been there for many business owners and people in the South Bay for many many years (including me). Works to help others before helping himself for sure. I spend time with him on a daily and I have seen him take time out of his own work day to always sit and make himself available to help others. Some do things to gain acknowledgement but it is clear to me that Aurelio is one of the few that does it because he has a true passion to help people. I will endorse anything that this man needs help's the least I can contribute to his giving heart. — Doug Kato

Awesome person for the job.  One that will not give up on what is great for Torrance.  The slogan says it all... "A Cleaner and Safer Torrance"

— Celeste Mattucci - Torrance Resident and Business Owner

Endorsing Aurelio Mattucci for his passion to make Torrance cleaner and safer. Go Aurelio! — Toshi Iinuma

Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council! — Matthew Cua - Small Business Owner

I have known Aurelio Mattucci for over 20 years, and he is the person I can say has dedicated more time to Torrance than anyone else I know.  He has my Endorsement !!!

— Steve Perry - Torrance Small Business Owner and Homeowner

Aurelio, it will be a pleasure to endorse a good honest hard working gentleman such as we have known you to be for all these years that you have been a very productive friend of Torrance.... xoxo Chuck & Dora 'The Artbookends'

— Chuck & Dora Meyer

Aurelio Mattucci is one of the most community driven people I've ever met

— Ryan Uno - Torrance Resident and Small Business Owner

I have known Mr. Aurelio Mattucci or some time and am always impressed with his honesty, professionalism and 'do the right thing' attitude. I would not hesitate to endorse Aurelio for project in which he is involved. A great American! ~ Al Thompson - Torrance, CA USA — Al Thompson III

Peter Michel Board Member Beach Cities Republicans — Peter Michel

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